About us

We're a sourdough craft-pizza restaurant in Neukölln

The sourdough is the beating heart of our restaurant. Slowly fermenting flour, on its way to become pizza. 

We believe in sourcing artisanal produce - local when available, but always delicious, sustainable and natural. We chose produce we love, and are transparent about it. We help our guests fight against a greedy food industry one bite at the time – and having a blast doing so!

Don’t get us wrong. Downing pitchers of Prosecco, dashing Berlin Bitters and munching a mega tasty, fermented dough Pizza - it’s definitely still a guilty pleasure! But doesn’t it feel great to know that somebody else is benefiting from your sins?

We call this the principle of “sin win”. You have fun and cash is generated for quality producers.

Our restaurant enables you to help - not quite in your sleep -  but in booze and food.

Come and join our little revolution.

Let’s dine and drink for good.


The people


Robert is the host and the pretty face of the restaurant. He is a classically trained Chef de Rang, with years of experience from places like Grill Royal. Robert takes care of the front-of-house. He also sources wines and beverages, and makes sure that the staff is trained to give great service. Being a huge fan of art, he brings creativity and beauty to our Pizzeria. 



Mikel is the head chef. The man that leads the kitchen crew to making the best pizzas we can every day. We call him The Dough Whisperer. We have never seen anyone working with dough with such focus and concentration. He don't just make the dough, he smells it, touches it and whispers to it. Mikel is a certified Pizza trainer from Accademia Nazionale Pizza DOC in Italy, and has 15 years experience as a pizza baker



Mikael is a classically trained chef, and a business guy. Originally from Norway, he lived in 10 different countries before settling in Berlin. After a few years in the kitchen, he did a stint in business and consulting, before returning to his passion - restaurants. When he is not sourcing produce and developping recipes, he keeps an eye on the business side of things.



Mon-Sun, Noon-10PM


Hobrechtstrasse 57